Building a Closer Relationship with your Child Using Technology

post coverTime spent with your children is time very well spent. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind that children sometimes take the back burner. But children grow up quickly and the opportunity to build strong relationships once missed may never be recovered. Tossing the ball around in the backyard or strolling in the park are good ways to start conversations but nowadays, parents are also encouraged to enter into the world where their children are increasingly spending more and more time – in front of the screen. Here are six ways you can build memories that will last your child through his lifetime using technology:

1. Discover the world the world
Explore and learn about the wonders of the world with just a touch of a finger. Where is the hottest place on earth? What are the different types of trees found in the forest? Do Eskimos really live in igloos? Type that on your favorite search engine, and you’re good to go. You can also search for beautiful vacation spots together or other tourist destinations you could both plan to visit. Go ahead and discover something new with your child today.

2. Watch videos together.
watch videos togetherCatch the latest funny videos on YouTube. Nothing says bonding like a good laugh. For tired parents, a snuggle on the couch watching their child’s favorite film or video together can go a long way towards helping you reconnect with your little one at the end of a busy day. Apart from the physical connectedness a warm embrace brings, watching together lets you screen what your child watches too.

3. Play video games.
If you want to see your younger child’s eyes light up, plop yourself down on the floor and join him or her on a video game. Young children live for the opportunity to include their parents in their games. Don’t be the parent that only pops up to say “Time’s up!”. Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic of Goldsmiths University with PopCap Games conducted a study and found that about 3.8 million parents used videogames to bond and get closer to their children. Search for the newest and child-friendly games available online and play them with your kid. Playing games also teach children to take turns, reinforcing positive behavior.

4. Communicate with long-distance relatives.communicate with relatives
Introduce your child to the rest of the family. Communicate with long-distance relatives together. Spend face-to-face time despite the distance using video chat applications. This can be beneficial to your child. Not only will this let your child get to know good ol’ Grandpa George or Aunt Marie, but he or she may also learn more about the culture in their country. This can help your child be more friendly, reduce stereotypes, and increase understanding, and affection.

5. Read e-books.
With e-books more accessible, reading stories has gotten easier and less costly. Build a library of e-books for your child. You can read these books together before bedtime. Reading age-appropriate books that are just beyond your child’s reading ability is a great bonding experience. It also has the additional benefit of being educational.

play around apps6. Toy around applications for creativity.
Unleash the creative genius in your child. Let him take pictures with your digital camera or smartphone. Allow him to decorate or distort these pictures using kid friendly applications for photo editing . Most of these applications have presets they can simply select. Expose him to works of art, paintings of great artists found online and encourage him or her to draw, paint, or interpret these on his or her own canvas.

Don’t wait for your child to be all grown up to bond with him or her. Simple activities such as these are not only enjoyable for both you and your child, but they will create memories and experiences that can help them through the tumultuous teenage years and may draw inspiration from them when they become parents themselves. Get valuable information, tips, and strategies on raising children in the digital age. Click here for FREE UPDATES.



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