Parent’s Guide to Better Smart Device Use This 2014


Happy New Year Parents!

It’s a new year full of new promising digital adventures with your kiddies! As responsible parents of the 21st century, Digiparenthood encourages you to come up with a list of technology resolutions to usher in 2014. Ideally, each item on your list will help you maximize your personal use of your smart device, as well as having a side effect of instilling desirable tech values in your kiddie.

Here’s some ideas to get your list started:


Do a little digital spring cleaning

Out with the old, in with the new! Do some digital spring cleaning by removing apps you installed last year that don’t get any use. Be sure to check with the kiddies before deleting apps for the children, you might be deleting a beloved app. While you’re at it, you might as well update all the remaining apps that survive your digital sweep.

Download critically acclaimed apps from last year

What do we do with all that space we just gained from your digital spring cleaning? Download the newest and latest apps of course. With 2013 just having wrapped up, you’ll find a lot of reputable sites that have a list of last year’s best apps in their year end review such as the 2013 ON for Learning Award Winners and 50 Best Apps for Kids from 2013 that Parents Can Trust. Take a gander at some of them for yourself and for your kiddies, you might have missed out on a few gems that escaped your attention last year.


Show the value of saving and backing up

We’ve all lost a file or two from negligent saving habits. Back up diligently this year by using cloud based storage devices such as Google Drive. Teach your kiddies the values of “saving” and “backing up” by showing them how to save their progress in their games after every session, or saving the art work they make in their art apps. To further reinforce the idea of saving and backing up for yourself and your kiddie you can…


Sync your multiple devices

You probably have multiple smart gadgets at home, from your desktop, laptop, and tablet, to your smart phones. Chances are you’ve got different apps running for each of those, or the same apps that have different data stored in each one. Sync up your devices so that switching devices is seamless. Notes you type in one device get automatically imported to the other. This is great for the kiddies too as they get to play their games on one device, and pick up where they left off automatically when they switch devices.


Rid yourself of bad habits

Monkey see monkey do, don’t let the kiddies imitate bad habits you’ve cultivated over the years of digital use. Put away your devices for dinner, and decline to check for messages or pick up phone calls. Kiddies will pick up on the importance of family conversation from your own example. Ditch the device when in the bathroom, it’s important to distinguish potty and bath time from screen time, as well as avoid any mishaps involving dropped devices, or water accidents.

Copy these resolutions or modify them as you see fit, and get started on your own list. 2014 is a clean slate, come up with resolutions which will serve both you and the kiddies. Cheers to the new year and fresh beginning to get it right with your family!

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