Instill Excellence: How to Develop a Learning Style in Your Child


According to Biel Beattie, parents should teach children how to think, not what to think. If you want your kiddies to rule the class rankings, which is every parent’s desire, develop a learning style in them that would maximize their potential. Doing so would give your child a good impression about schooling and inspire them to strive for excellence in everything they do. 

It only takes your time, knowledge of your child’s personality and preferences, and a little research. Follow these steps to develop a learning style in your kiddie that would bring them victory over classmates, and pride for you as the parent!

Understand the different learning styles


There are three main styles of learning: auditory, tactile, and visual. Use credible researches on the web to get deeper descriptions of these three and to have an idea what to choose for your kiddie. The first style, auditory, is best for children who learn by hearing things being spoken. The ideas then become solidified in memory as they repeat it through spoken materials such as poems and songs.


Tactile style, on the other hand, works for kids great with problem solving. Does your child seem to thrive on doing experiments and discovering practical solutions? If yes, experiments that require your to use analytical skills may just make them the next science fair project winner they ought to become!

visualLast is the visual style. Work through this if your kiddie requires information written on boards to comprehend. Supplementary materials such as notes, books, and videos are your best tools.


Observe your child, analyze the situation

Identify which style is best for your child. Be careful, however, not to limit your kiddie in just one dimension, as they may exhibit various learning styles. Find out what their interests are and how they express themselves and solve problems. Visual = see it, auditory = hear it, tactile = do it.

Kids-Playing-OutsideSelect schooling methods & activities

Is your kiddie a tactile learner? If so, choose a montessori school where they can experience hands-on, real-world experiences. Visual and auditory children, on the other hand, would enjoy traditional schooling that provides enough interaction and sufficient learning materials. Teachers may ask them to create posters or write articles to express their take on a subject matter. In the same institution, auditory learners would find delight in reading aloud, answering questions, singing, and discussing with other students.

Deal with strengths & weaknesses appropriately

Your kiddie must know what to do to strengthen the learning style they’re weak in. This is important to ensure effective learning and holistic development in your child. Teach them the best ways to manipulate learning abilities, maximize knowledge, and approach new scenarios to acquire other essential skills.

blog2Denise Mann of WebMD said, “Once you have identified your child’s learning style, you can begin to build on his or her strengths to compensate for learning weaknesses – without labels.” Invest on developing a learning style in your kiddie, and enjoy endless rewards to your whole family later on. Start on your excellence project today!

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